Jesse A. Miller

 Jesse Miller

Contact Information

234 Astronomy
1002 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL
MC 221
Graduate Student
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Research Interests

  • Near-Earth supernovae
  • Cosmic ray nucleosynthesis on Earth impactors

Research Description

When a star explodes within a few hundred light-years of us, some of its material will travel to Earth. Recent detections of 60Fe in ocean sediment, cores, and even lunar samples from near-Earth supernova have prompted further investigation into how supernova material reaches Earth.

My current work asks the question "how else could the detected 60Fe have gotten here, if not from a supernova?" It turns out that cosmic ray nucleosynthesis can generate 60Fe on the surface of asteroids - should the asteroid fall to Earth, then we have 60Fe on Earth that did not come from a supernova. My research investigates this scenario to determine the likelihood of these impactors reproducing the 60Fe signal.


  • B.S. in Physics (Astrophysics option), Washington State University, 2014

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Foley, R, D. Scolnic, A. Rest, S. Jha, Y. Pan, A. Riess, P. Challis, K. Chambers, D. Coulter, K. Dettman, M. Foley, O. Fox, M. Huber, D. Jones, C. Kilpatrick, R. Kirschner, A. Schultz, M. Siebert, H. Flewelling, B. Gibson, E. Magnier, J. Miller, N. Primak, S. Smartt, K. Smith, R. Wainscoat, C. Waters, and M. Willman The Foundation Supernova Survey: motivation, design, implementation, and first data release Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 475 1 2018, p. 193.
Lee, Min-Young, Snezana Stanimirovic, Claire Murray, Carl Heiles, and Jesse Miller Cold and Warm Atomic Gas around the Perseus Molecular Cloud. II. The Impact of High Optical Depth on the HI Column Density Distribution and Its Implication for the HI-to-H2 Transition The Astrophysical Journal 809 1 2015, p. 56.
Stanimirovic, Snezana, Claire Murray, Min-Young Lee, Carl Heiles, and Jesse Miller Cold and Warm Atomic Gas around the Perseus Molecular Cloud. I. Basic Properties The Astrophysical Journal 793 2 2014, p. 132.