Rachel E. Harrison

 Rachel Harrison

Contact Information

113 Astronomy
1002 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
M/C 221
Graduate Student
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I am a second-year graduate student working with Professor Leslie Looney on sources of polarization in early protostellar disks.

Research Interests

  • Dust polarization in protostellar disks
  • Magnetic fields around protostars
  • Radio interferometry

Research Description

I study sources of dust continuum polarization in protostellar disks. By using multi-wavelength observations and comparing the observed polarization morphologies to models produced by our theorist collaborators, I plan to probe the contributions of different mechanisms to the overall polarization. In particular, I am interested in isolating the contribution of grain alignment with the disk’s magnetic field. Characterizing the magnetic field is essential to investigating how magnetic fields affect disk development.


  • B.S., Physics, Brandeis University, 2015