Alumni Information


Visit the UIAA website and click on "Connect" to begin using the most powerful tool in the history of the University of Illinois for connecting with other alumni. And better yet, you can make these connections on your own, whenever it's convenient for you.

Search for former classmates; contact a professor; or — if you're a Sustaining or Life Member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association — tap into a network of more than 40,000 alumni who have already indicated that they're willing to correspond with alumni and undergraduate seniors (known as Collegiate Members) about their profession, place of business, city of residence, interest in being a mentor and internship opportunities.


The University of Illinois Alumni Career Center provides individual and group career/life transition counseling and maintains an active liaison with employers so that University of Illinois alumni have the necessary tools to conduct a successful employment and career management campaign.


The Department of Astronomy benefits greatly from the generosity of its alumni and friends.  Give to the Astronomy Department.