Expanding universe. Expanding mind.

What is the origin of the universe, stars, and planets? How do stars die? How will the universe end? Astronomers study some of the biggest questions known today.

If you are interested in solving large problems with big ideas, astronomy is your major. In our program, you will expand your mind using tools that can be applied to multiple problems. Apply today!


Astronomy Majors on the Quad


Think outside the world.

Modern astronomy uses many other fields, like physics, computer science, and engineering, to create a foundational knowledge. It’s used to solve problems in space and on Earth, too.

You can major in astronomy, astronomy + data science, astrophysics, or computer science + astronomy. The astronomy major is also designed to pair well with a double-major in physics.

And, as a part of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, you'll unleash the power of &. Find your niche while branching out. Take advantage of our Life + Career Design Lab. Add a double major, minor, or certificate to expand your skills without adding years on campus.

Real data, real experiences.

The universe provides plenty of room for exploration. Astronomy classes make use of vast, modern datasets to give you hands-on experience with real data.

Students are encouraged to pursue independent research with faculty in astronomy or physics, and associates at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Local and national internship opportunities are available. 

The Universe is yours.

The astronomy perspective’s unique approach to problem-solving will prepare you for a range of occupations. You’ll develop critical thinking skills that give a different perspective than physics or engineering. And, you’ll be able to model complex problems and find fast solutions.