Brian D. Fields

In The News

  • Congratulations to Illinois undergrads Ian Brunton and Connor O’Mahoney, Prof. Brian Fields, and collaborators! They have a new paper out that show that x-ray luminous supernovae could have lethal consequences up to 160 light years away....

  • Congratulations to the Astronomy Illinois List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students. Faculty: Bryan Dunne, Brian Fields, and Leslie Looney and Grad Students: Erica Albrigo, Xinyang Lu, Grant Merz, and Maggie Verrico.

  • Congratulations to Prof. Brian Fields, Prof. Telemachos Mouschovias, and grad student Grant Merz for being named to the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students for Spring 2022.  

  • Congratulations to Prof. Brian Fields for being on the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students in Fall 2021 for ASTR - Stellar Astrophysics...

  • Congratulations to Professor Brian Fields for being selected as a 2020 American Physical Society Fellow! He was recognized for his pioneering contributions to cosmology, nuclear and particle astrophysics, nucleosynthesis, cosmic-ray physics, gamma-ray astronomy, astrobiology, and supernovae.

  • Professor Brian Fields and graduate students Ada Ertel and Jesse Miller have published a paper linking a supernova to a mass extinction millions of years ago. Read the article here.

  • Four professors, one instructor, and one TA are on the Fall 2018 Excellent Teacher list. Professors Bryan Dunne and Brian Fields were listed as Outstanding. Others on the list include: Professors Charles Gammie, Joaquin Vieira, and Tony Wong, Instructor Amanda Winans, and TA Melanie Archipley....

  • Xilu Wang successfully defended her PhD thesis, "Supernovae as gamma ray emitters from the MeV to the TeV."  She is moving on to a N3AS Postdoctoral Fellowship at Notre Dame and Berkeley.  Congratulations Dr. Wang!

  • Evidence of two near-Earth supernova explosions appears in the current issue of Nature. Prof. Brian Fields discusses these new findings and how nearby supernovae could affect the Earth.

  • The Astronomy Department congratulates our graduate students and faculty named to the "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent" by the Center for Teaching Excellence for Fall 2015: Ms. Susmita Adhikari, Mr. Di Wen, and Profs. Bryan Dunne, Brian Fields, and Athol Kemball.