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Felipe Menanteau

Research Associate Professor

Research Interests

Observational Cosmology
Clusters of Galaxies and Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect
Large Surveys
Data analysis pipelines for surveys, algorithms for data mining
Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Research Description

Felipe Menanteau's research interests focus on Observational Cosmology, he uses clusters of galaxies discovered in Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) surveys as signposts to probe the growth of structure in the Universe. He has led the optical/infrared follow-up campaign for the first generation of SZ surveys from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT). He also led the discovery of "El Gordo," the most massive cluster known at high redshift. His research also centers on large optical surveys, algorithms for data mining. He led the analysis for the Blanco Cosmology Survey, and is currently working integrating image analysis algorithms for the Dark Energy Suvey (DES) Data Managment at NCSA.


Ph.D (2000), Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University,UK
Lic.(1996), Physics, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile

Additional Campus Affiliations

Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Research Associate Professor, Astronomy

Recent Publications

Anbajagane, D., Chang, C., Baxter, E. J., Charney, S., Lokken, M., Aguena, M., Allam, S., Alves, O., Amon, A., An, R., Andrade-Oliveira, F., Bacon, D., Battaglia, N., Bechtol, K., Becker, M. R., Benson, B. A., Bernstein, G. M., Bleem, L., Bocquet, S., ... Yanny, B. (2024). Cosmological shocks around galaxy clusters: a coherent investigation with DES, SPT, and ACT. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 527(3), 9378-9404.

Bleem, L. E., Klein, M., Abbott, T. M. C., Ade, P. A. R., Aguena, M., Alves, O., Anderson, A. J., Andrade-Oliveira, F., Ansarinejad, B., Archipley, M., Ashby, M. L. N., Austermann, J. E., Bacon, D., Beall, J. A., Bender, A. N., Benson, B. A., Bianchini, F., Bocquet, S., Brooks, D., ... Zhang, Y. (2024). GALAXY CLUSTERS DISCOVERED VIA THE THERMAL SUNYAEV-ZEL’DOVICH EFFECT IN THE 500-SQUARE-DEGREE SPTPOL SURVEY. Open Journal of Astrophysics, 7.

Bom, C. R., Annis, J., Garcia, A., Palmese, A., Sherman, N., Soares-Santos, M., Santana-Silva, L., Morgan, R., Bechtol, K., Davis, T., Diehl, H. T., Allam, S. S., Bachmann, T. G., Fraga, B. M. O., García-Bellido, J., Gill, M. S. S., Herner, K., Kilpatrick, C. D., Makler, M., ... Weaverdyck, N. (2024). Designing an Optimal Kilonova Search Using DECam for Gravitational-wave Events. Astrophysical Journal, 960(2), Article 122.

Coulton, W., Madhavacheril, M. S., Duivenvoorden, A. J., Hill, J. C., Abril-Cabezas, I., Ade, P. A. R., Aiola, S., Alford, T., Amiri, M., Amodeo, S., An, R., Atkins, Z., Austermann, J. E., Battaglia, N., Battistelli, E. S., Beall, J. A., Bean, R., Beringue, B., Bhandarkar, T., ... Zheng, K. (2024). Atacama Cosmology Telescope: High-resolution component-separated maps across one third of the sky. Physical Review D, 109(6), Article 063530.

Cross, D., Thoron, G., Jeltema, T. E., Swart, A., Hollowood, D. L., Adhikari, S., Bocquet, S., Eiger, O., Everett, S., Jobel, J., Laubner, D., McDaniel, A., Aguena, M., Alves, O., Andrade-Oliveira, F., Bacon, D., Bertin, E., Brooks, D., Burke, D. L., ... Wiseman, P. (2024). Examining the self-interaction of dark matter through central cluster galaxy offsets. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 529(1), 52-58.

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