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Charles F. Gammie

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Contact Information

202 Astronomy Building, MC-221
1002 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Interests

Black holes, formation of the Moon, planet formation, star formation, cosmic ray transport, and interstellar turbulence.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholar, Astronomy
University Scholar, Astronomy
Donald Biggar Willett Professor, Physics
Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Professor, Astronomy
Professor, Physics

Recent Publications

Conroy, N. S., Bauböck, M., Dhruv, V., Lee, D., Broderick, A. E., Chan, C. K., Georgiev, B., Joshi, A. V., Prather, B., & Gammie, C. F. (2023). Rotation in Event Horizon Telescope Movies. Astrophysical Journal, 951(1), Article 46.

Davelaar, J., Ryan, B. R., Wong, G. N., Bronzwaer, T., Olivares, H., Mościbrodzka, M., Gammie, C. F., & Falcke, H. (2023). κmonty: A Monte Carlo Compton scattering code including non-thermal electrons. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 526(4), 5326-5336. Article stad3023.

Jorstad, S., Wielgus, M., Lico, R., Issaoun, S., Broderick, A. E., Pesce, D. W., Liu, J., Zhao, G. Y., Krichbaum, T. P., Blackburn, L., Chan, C. K., Janssen, M., Ramakrishnan, V., Akiyama, K., Alberdi, A., Algaba, J. C., Bouman, K. L., Cho, I., Fuentes, A., ... Zhao, S. S. (2023). The Event Horizon Telescope Image of the Quasar NRAO 530. Astrophysical Journal, 943(2), Article 170.

Papoutsis, E., Bauböck, M., Chang, D., & Gammie, C. F. (2023). Jets and Rings in Images of Spinning Black Holes. Astrophysical Journal, 944(1), Article 55.

Prather, B. S., Dexter, J., Moscibrodzka, M., Pu, H. Y., Bronzwaer, T., Davelaar, J., Younsi, Z., Gammie, C. F., Gold, R., Wong, G. N., Akiyama, K., Alberdi, A., Alef, W., Algaba, J. C., Anantua, R., Asada, K., Azulay, R., Bach, U., Baczko, A. K., ... Zhao, S. S. (2023). Comparison of Polarized Radiative Transfer Codes Used by the EHT Collaboration. Astrophysical Journal, 950(1), Article 35.

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