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Kedar A. Phadke

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Contact Information

218 Astronomy
1002 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
Graduate Student


I'm a seventh year graduate student working with Prof. Joaquin Vieira on galaxy scale lenses found using the South Pole Telescope (SPT-SMGs). 

Research Interests

Galaxy evolution
Star formation at high redshift

Research Description

I'm interested in star formation at high redshifts. Especially in calibrating various star formation indicators in the distant universe. I use the code CIGALE for spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting of galaxies and determine their properties.

I'm part of a team that's going to be one of the first to observe from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). We plan on observing a sample of four lensed galaxies viz 2 dusty star forming galaxies and 2 UV-selected galaxies.


Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Physical Sciences, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, India, 2012

Highlighted Publications

Journal Articles

D. P. Marrone, et al. "Galaxy growth in a massive halo in the first billion years of cosmic history" Nature, vol. 553, no. 7686, 2018.

M. L. Strandet, et al. "ISM properties of a massive dusty star-forming galaxy discovered at z∼ 7." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 842, no. 2, 2017.