Paul M. Ricker

 Paul Ricker

Contact Information

201 Astronomy Building, MC-221
1002 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
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Additional Campus Affiliations

  • Center Affiliate - NCSA


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Research Interests

  • Computational astrophysics
  • Cosmological structure formation
  • Clusters of galaxies
  • Binary stars
  • Supernovae

Research Description

As a computational astrophysicist, I apply large-scale numerical simulations on parallel computers to the solution of challenging problems in astrophysics and cosmology. My research interests currently include the evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, binary stars, and supernovae. I also work on computer science/applied mathematics topics such as parallel numerical algorithm development, simulation code architecture, and grid-enabled cyberinfrastructure for astrophysics.


  • Ph. D. University of Chicago, 1996

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