Mr. and Mrs. Hsiang-pai and Wen-hua Chu Department Of Astronomy Excellence in Research Graduate Student Award


This award has been founded by Professor Emeritus and former Department of Astronomy Chair You-Hua Chu, and is named in honor of her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Hsiang-Pai and Wen-Hua Chu. Mr. and Mrs. Chu have always emphasized education and encouraged their children to achieve high goals and excellence, all four of whom obtained graduate degrees in the United States. This Excellence in Research Graduate Student Award has been established to honor Mr. and Mrs. Chu's wish to encourage young scientists to achieve excellence in research.

Recipients shall apply in writing for the Chu Award, including:

  1. A one-page application, of which
    • the first half will be the student's statement of the importance of the publication for their research program, and
    • the second half will be a faculty endorsement
  2. A copy of a significant refereed research publication authored or co-authored by the student.
  3. A current CV

Applications will be reviewed by the Chair and Executive Committee, who will select the Chu Award recipient.






2022: Colin Burke


Sreevani Jarugula
Patrick Mullen

2021: Sreevani Jarugula and Patrick Mullen


Jennifer Li

2020: Jennifer Li


Holgado and Chu

2019: Miguel Holgado



2018: Benjamin Ryan



2017: Dominique Segura-Cox


2016 Mani Chandra

2016: Mani Chandra


2015 Rukmani

2015: Rukmani Vijayaraghavan