"The Rise and Fall of Star Formation in Galaxies” has been selected as one of seven Symposia for the 2021 IAU General Assembly, and will be organized by Professor Tony Wong.

The largest international gathering of astronomers is the IAU General Assembly which takes place every three years.  The scientific program at the IAU GA revolves around several Symposia that cover a broad range of current research.  At the XXXI GA in Busan, Korea scheduled for August 2021, one of the seven Symposia, "The Rise and Fall of Star Formation in Galaxies" will be organized by Professor Tony Wong, following a competitive selection process that was completed in June.  The goal of the meeting will be to update the community on the latest advances, via spatially resolved studies, in understanding star formation in its galactic context and how it drives galaxy evolution.  A full listing of the planned Symposia can be found at https://www.iau.org/science/meetings/future/symposia/.  More information about the XXXI GA can be found at http://www.iauga2021.org/.