The full moon over Alma Mater
Image Credit: University of Illinois - Fred Zwicky

The Department of Astronomy offers a major in astronomy through the LAS Science and Letters Curriculum. This is a flexible program for students who plan to pursue technical or professional careers in areas requiring a sound grounding in physical science and mathematics. It is based upon both a broad and an in-depth exploration into astronomy and allied disciplines, and is an excellent way to gain a general science education. It may be chosen by students who wish to have an astronomy research career or an astronomy background for use in related fields, such as working in national laboratories, observatories, planetariums, NASA, aerospace industry, many computer related fields, journalism, or science writing to name a few.

Students who are certain that they want to go on to graduate study in astronomy & astrophysics should consider the Astrophysics major.

Students who plan to pursue technical or professional careers in astronomy or related technical fields that require a sound grounding in computer science or data science should also consider the Computer Science + Astronomy or Astronomy + Data Science majors.