Spring 2024 SERIES

Organizer -  Thinh Huu Nguyen & David Vizgan

Journal Club is an informal gathering for Astronomy students, faculty, and staff to discuss current research in Astronomy over lunch. Presentations showcase either recent results of local research projects or reviews of current journal articles. Journal Club meets every Monday noon for one hour in the Astronomy classroom, room 134.


Date Presenter Email

January 22 - Arran Gross Rare or Hidden: Where are all the Dual Active Galactic Nuclei?

January 29 - Event Cancelled

February 5 - Shiau-Jie Rau Common Envelope Shaping of Planetary Nebulae

February 12 - Round Table Discussion A Different Kind of Dark Energy: Evidence for Placing Race and Gender in Physics.

February 19 - Haille Perkins Could a Kilonova Kill: A Threat Assessment

February 26 - Hyerin Cho Bridging Scales in Black Hole Accretion and Feedback: Magnetized Bondi Accretion in 3D GRMHD

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