The Department of Astronomy at the University of Illinois hosts a weekly colloquium during the academic year for invited speakers to discuss current research topics in astronomy and astrophysics. Colloquia are normally on Tuesday afternoons at 3:45 pm in 134 Astronomy Building, with coffee and cookies served in Astronomy 222 at 3:30pm. Please follow this link for more details.


January 23

Lisa Young, UIUC

January 30

Illinois Computes, NCSA 

February 6

Jiayin Dong, Flatiron Institute

February 15

Alexie Leauthaud, UCSC

February 20

Jinyi Yang, Arizona

February 27

Luis Welbanks, ASU

February 29

Jake B. Simon, ISU

March 5

Kember Schwarz, Michigan

March 8

Chris Hayward, Flatiron Institute

March 19

Keri Hoadley, University of Iowa

March 26

Henric Krawczynski, WUSTL (Zoom)

April 2

Jo Dunkley [Iben Lecture]

April 9

Fernando Camilo, SARAO [Zoom]

April 16

Adam Miller, Northwestern

April 23

Helvi Witek, UIUC

April 30

Jim Braatz, NRAO